Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

The privacy policy given on this page of the GetMyOffer Capital One describes in detail all the legal guidelines as to why any personally identifying information may be assembled from the visitor by

However, it should be noted that GetMyOffer Capital One will commit to its utmost resource to preserve and guard the personally identifying information of each of the users while promising to provide a reliably consistent set of promised services to every user. GetMyOffer Capital One would appreciate the trust of its users in making the website the most secure place for their personally identifying information.

2The categories of personal information assembled and the Methodology of Collection

In the event that you would wish to use the services of given at including the permission to comment on forums or any such related entity you will be asked to complete one of the two options:

i. You will be required to register or sign up for an online account at, in this option you must provide your personal information and also select to how you would want the information to be used for marketing reasons.

ii. Or you will be asked to register using any of your social media accounts. If you choose this option will automatically gain access to your personally identifying information that you have given on your social media account.

3. Personal Information assembled while placing order for a product or any service

In the event that you would select to order a service or an item from the platform of you will be asked to type in details of your personal identification in order to fulfill the requirements of the service in concern. In many circumstances, will direct you to another website where your information may be gathered, however it should be noted that these third-party websites will always only ask for information from you or your subscriber that is needed to complete the needs of the order the user is about to place.

a. Personal Information assembled when Promotion Codes are used

In case you select to take part in any contest or promotion code, it would become necessary for you to register for an account with and in the process provide certain personally identifying information which will be used according to the legal guidelines of the contest that you want to register for.

b. Demographics and Other Related Data Collected makes use of certain types of cookies, online analysis tools, and trademarks to gather personally-identifying information in terms of how a user makes use of website, details of the device used including the IP address, the nature of web browser, and demographical data. This data is used by in understanding the famous ways that users adopt to access website.